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Specialist in laboratory and construction equipment for material testing !


Used machines and products

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NEW - PAK Detector Spray

PAK Detector Spray, for the detection of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon, among tarry in asphalt products.


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Device for the determination of the amount of steel fibres in fresh concrete

The device is used to determine the amount of steel fibres in fresh concrete.

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We are proud to present our newest webshop. With several products for non-destructive testing (NDT), layer thickness gauges, hardness testers and much more.

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Renewed AUTOMAX PRO compression testers

AUTOMAX PRO is CONTROLS new top-of-the-range Compact-Line compression machine and the first choice for automatic standard failure tests.

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PAVELABĀ® analysator

New generation PAVELAB asphalt analyzer

The lastest generation asphalt analyzer is 100% suitable for the use of methhylene.

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NEW - Water dosing device Collomix AQiX

The new AQiX water dosing device makes it easy and convenient to measure the required amount of water.


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haver cpa 2-1

Photo-Optical Particle Analysers

Suitable for analysing the grain shapes of fine sample materials.

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