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Photo-Optical Particle Analysers Haver & Boecker CPA

The HAVER CPA measuring process is used for dynamic image analysis of grain sizes and grain shapes of dry and non-agglomerating particles of bulk materials. When fitted with the appropriate HAVER peripherals, this process can be used as a laboratory, technical centre or online version in different fields: gravel, sand, coke, coal, plastic granules, wood chippings, chemical and pharmaceutical products, fertilizers, foodstuffs and many more.

All HAVER CPA laboratory units are equipped with HAVER CPA Software that runs under the most versions of Windows operating systems. It impresses with its convenient installation, user-friendly menu-driven application and clear presentation of results. Thanks to the HAVER line scan camera technology, HAVER CPA laboratory units can also be used as particle ounting devices.

HAVER CPA 2-1haver cpa 2-1 duo

The HAVER CPA 2-1 is suitable for analysing the grain shapes of fine sample materials from 0,020 mm up to 0,030 mm by using a GigE camera, the HAVER CPA 2-1 can also be operated with a notebook, which provides a high degree of mobility and flexibility. Using the technologies described above, the HAVER CPA 2-1 forms an economic base model for the laboratory environment. Easy to use, it represents an alternative to particle size analysis by a conventional sieve analysis with test sieves.


The HAVER CPA 2-1 HR (High Resolution) has been designed for the analysis of material with a particle size from 0,010 mm. It differs from the HAVER CPA 2-1 in the finer resolution. In combination with the HAVER dispersion system, based on latest ultrasound technology, also agglomerating material can be conveyed evenly.

All devices as wel as the software are prepared for online connection to a PLC system. Standard interfaces enable them to be incorperated into the running production process.haver cpa 2-1 applications

Technical specifications:haver cpa 2-1 camera

Measuring range        :   0,010-4 mm 0,020-30 mm
Scanning width          : 18 mm 55 mm
Hopper volume          :  0,35 l 1,5 l
Light sourse              : LED LED
Dim. approx. (lxwxh)  :   730x260x360 mm 800x200x350 mm
Weight appox.           : 17 Kg 16 Kg
Operating voltage      : 230 of 115 V 230 of 115 V
Interfaces                 : BUS-Ext, GigE, USB BUS-Ext, GigE, USB
Horizontal resolution  : 2048 pixels 2927 pixels
Pixel frequency          : 60 MHz 100 MHz

Video HAVER CPA technology: