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PAVELAB50® automatic asphalt analyzer

The latest generation asphalt analyzer is 100% suitable for the use of methylene.

Automatic closed-system asphalt analyzer for separation and extraction of bitumen, filler and aggregates from asphalt samples by use of solvents. Binder extraction and recovery is important either for determining the binder content or to recover, using a Rotary evaporator, a representative bitumen sample used to perform other tests such as penetration, softening point, etc. Furthermore aggregates, including filler, are also separated, not disturbed by high temperatures and available for sample grading. In conclusion this method allows the complete analysis of an asphalt sample.

Operating principle:

The asphalt sample (max. 3.5 Kg) is introduced in a screening drum lined with 0.063, 0.075 or 0.090mm opening woven cloth and then placed inside a screening drum in the washing chamber. Bitumen and filler are separated from the sample by washing with solvent and ultrasonic motion. The mixture filler/bitumen/solvent is centrifuged and the filler is separated.

The aggregates and filler are dried by vacuum and the residue of solvent recovered by condensation. The remaining solution bitumen/solvent is then distilled and separated in two different tanks. Part of the solution bitumen/solvent can be drained before distillation and connected to a rotary evaporator to recover a bitumen sample for other tests. The clean distilled solvent is recycled for other extractions. The analyzer shall be connected to a suitable water cooling unit to feed the three different cooling coils of the apparatus.

PAVELAB® analysatorFeatures:

- Fully automatic test cycle
- 7 inch touch screen swinging panel
- Extraction time reduced to approx. 55 minutes
- No toxic fumes in the laboratory
- High extraction capacity: up to 300gr of filler for each extraction
- Automatic sample drying after extracion
- Silent operation

Technical data:

Maximum sample size : 3,5 Kg
Centrifuge rotation speed : 6000 rpm
Cup external dimensions : Ø120mm x 200mm height
Max. filler capacity : ca. 300gr
Extraction time : ca. 55 minutes (incl. drying)
Solvent used per extraction : ca. 10 Ltr (recycled)
Power : 6kW (excl. cooling system)
Voltage : 380V/50Hz/3ph or 220V/60Hz/3ph
Dimensions (bxdxh) : approx. 1400x750x1500mm
Weight : approx. 240 Kg

Cooling system:

For a good operation of the PAVELAB® asphalt analyzer you need a water cooling system providing water at 10°C with flow rate between 5 and 8 Ltr/min (approx. 4 bar).

Video: how to determinate bituminous mixture soluble binder content by automatic bitumen extraction:

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