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Renewed AUTOMAX PRO compression testers

AUTOMAX PRO is CONTROLS new top-of-the-range Compact-Line compression machine and the first choice for automatic standard failure tests. The new cutting-edge connective technologies allowing you to manage all test data online, automatically with no risk of transposing errors is a major development. Boasting an all new specification, it is a step change from its predecessors.automax pro

Huge boost in efficiency and error elimination
LinK-LAB Integrated testing station solution for seamless connection and data inputs from many ancillary devices for dimensional measurement, weight, bar code, etc.

Fully automatic - time saving
Full test-cycle automation maximizes productivity and ensures tests are performed accurately according to pre-set methods, eliminating operator variables.

Standards compliant - peace of mind
Hardware and firmware are in total compliance with all the main international concrete testing standards including ASTM C39 and EN 12390-3.

Intuitive, quick and simple operation
The integrated control system features an intuitive 7 color graphical display, which works like a tablet or smart-phone, and makes AUTOMAX PRO quick and simple to operate.

Pioneering web services
WEBCARE Remote Assistance will enable connection to your testing system for remote technical support whilst the i-LAB cloud-based services will allow sharing of your data with authorized 3rd parties, including real time viewing of the test

Highly accurate and energy saving
Our DC motor technology quietly and efficiently delivers super accurate load control at both low-speed and low-loads.

Multilingual functionality
The system is available in multiple languages and is fully compatible with non-Latin characters for Chinese, Cyrillic (and more).


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