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Thickness measurement device MiT SCAN T3

The MIT-SCAN-T3 was developed for the nondestructive and precise analysis of asphalt and concrete pavements. Unbound courses of the upper pavement structure (frost protection layer and aggregate base layer) can also be assessed.

The nondestructive measurements are based on pulse induction technology. However, a prerequisite is the installation of a metallic reflector (antipole) of aluminum or steel at the base of the pavement layer to be measured. Layer thickness can be determined directly during paving (self-monitoring) or later as part of control inspections (external monitoring) performed for acceptance of construction work. To take a measurement, the MIT-SCAN-T3 is run over the measuring site. Within seconds, it accurately determines layer thickness. This way, based on a larger number of measuring sites, pavement thickness can be measured extensively and effectively.

Cost-effective:mit scan t3

  • Durable device with a long service life if handled correctly
  • Effective control of paving deviations
  • Self-monitoring during construction for quality assurance
  • Inspections of large stretches within short time


  • Measuring by simple run over the pavement surface
  • Requires no mechanical coring


  • High measurement precision: ±(1 mm + 0.5% of measured value)
  • High resolution (800 data points per measurement)
  • Exact and reproducible measurement results


  • Robust and compact hand-held instrument
  • Safe transport in high-quality carrying case (car suitable)
  • Measuring on hot asphalt, milled surfaces and concrete
  • Measuring under humid conditions and on wet pavement surfaces
  • Measurement with all standard reflectors acc. to the German specification TP D-StB 12

Rapid and efficient:

  • Immediately ready for use
  • Without on-site calibration
  • Fast and exact reflector location (search mode)
  • Without complex search of reflector center
  • Automatic plate detection (reflector)
  • Measurement including analysisin less thana minute (measuring mode)


  • Without pavement damage
  • Mindful of nature and the environment
  • Free of emissions

Technical data:

Measurement accuracy  : ± (0.5% of measured value + 1mm)
Resolution : 1mm
Measurement range : 15 to 500mm based on installed reflector type
Asphalt temperature : up to 110°C
Memory capacity : up to 5.000 data sets
PC connection : transfer to MS-Office or accounting program
Power supply : NiMH 12V 2.0Ah
Battery life : 8 hours or approx. 1.000 measurements
Charge time : 1.5 hours
Dimensions : 40x26x145cm (device) 87x49x38 (case)
Weight : 4 Kg (18 Kg device, carrying case and accessories)


More information:

Click HERE to download the product datasheet of the MiT SCAN T3.

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